Potash Project

Potash Project

Client: Iran Mineral Production and Supply Co (IMPASCo)

Project: Construction of Potash Plant (EPCM)

Total Contract Value: 19,975,000 Euro

Location: Khor (Isfahan Province)

Services: Endorsement of Basic Engineering, detailed engineering, supply of

equipment and machineries, supply of spare parts, implementation of Civil work,

erection and installation of equipment and machineries, Commissioning of the plant,

Training of Client’s Personnel

Work commenced on July 2005 and completed on August 2007. The plant was

designed to produce 50,000 Potash to be used as fertilizer. The plant was completed

on July 2007 and was officially started up by minister of mines and industries. Potash

plant produce potash from brine from playa, removing contaminants such as calcium

chloride, sodium chloride and magnesium chloride.