This is our company

Who We Are

- Over 27 years experience in Innovation and Know-How development
- Established in January 1990
- KAHANROBA is originally proposed pension definition for electromagnetic
- KAHANROBA is a technology provider specifically in Mineral Processing
- KAHANROBA is a private company with almost 100 employees in a wide variety of positions.

Our Way to Success
- first leading company which realized the viability of producing zinc ingot out of Angouran ROM by designing and constructing the first pilot plant followed by the industrial plant;
- The process know how for producing zinc out of Angouran ROM was then localized and several process plants were designed and commissioned.
- Iran which used to import more than 50,000 tpa zinc ingot, could produce it all in house, and further for export.

On our Knowledge, we Rely
- KAHANROBA as the first Iranian professionals, represents proud glory in the different fields of mineral industry, such as potash, zinc, gold and further to oil, gas, and petrochemical industry.
- KAHANROBA has leached the most minerals: nepheline syenite, zinc, copper, gold, …

Our Supply Chain
To insure the quality and duration of its projects, in 2002, KAHANROBA established two new companies:
- KAHANROBA MACHINE; to fabricate the specific equipment for the mineral processing, crushing lines and cement industry
- KAHANROBA SAMAN; for the construction and the commissioning purposes.